Our team knows firsthand the challenges of caring for or coordinating care for a loved one. In fact, our founder, Myisha Gatson, was blessed to have two grandmas, both named Pearl. At the sunset of their lives, both became immobile and needed around the clock care. Her dad's mom was able to get that care from a family member in the comfort of her home. But due to a variety of circumstances, her mom’s side of the family ended up having to navigate the complex Medicare, Medicaid and VA systems before ultimately having to sell off her grandmothers most valuable assets in order for her to afford a bed in a nursing home.  Myisha wanted to know why her family had such trouble so she began to look into it and found that long term care affordability and availability is a challenge for millions of families. Armed with that information and having over 15 years of experience in health policy including implementing the ACA in the last administration, Myisha transformed her family's pain point into a model that will stabilize costs directly for consumers and revenues for providers without increasing risk. We know Myisha's story is just one among millions and we want to hear from you. Please take a minute and share your experience, challenges or triumphs navigating long term care services and supports for a loved one. We plan to showcase selected stories on our website, social media sites, and for promotional purposes, but will contact you before doing so to obtain your consent. The information that is not published will help us tailor the Pearl products to meet the needs of those needing care. We hope you will consider sharing your story with us. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Pearl Long Term Care Solutions