Pearl Long Term Care Solutions is about people first.  Everyone on our team, especially our Founder, Myisha Gatson, understands how valuable our seniors are.  It was her two grandmothers, both named Pearl, who inspired her to start the company and find enthusiastic team members who believe in the mission.  When her paternal grandmother, named Pearl, needed full-time care, a family member was able to join her in her home and deliver it.  Grandma Pearl was comfortable in the sunset of her life and passed with dignity.  Her paternal grandmother, also named Pearl, had a different story full of red tape from Medicaid, Medicare and the VA.  She had to sell her most prized possessions in order to afford a room in a nursing home, and that only happened after Myisha intervened directly.  


As she began to uncover the reasons for her paternal Pearl’s difficulties in accessing the care she needed, Myisha learned that the industry is troubled.  It has capacity but cannot reach the seniors who need it.  Meanwhile seniors have the need but not necessarily the dollars or understanding to get that care.  Given her 15 years of experience in health policy, serving in public and private spaces, Myisha began to see a solution to both sides of the problem.  She married the perennially unoccupied spaces from long term providers with the seniors and the families that love them who need them.  A marketplace is born:  Pearl Long Term Care Solutions!


Myisha's story is not uncommon, so please take a moment and post your experience--challenge to triumph--in helping get long term care for your loved one.  Although we know these stories are personal, we would like to share them, with your consent of course.  People need to know they are not alone, and by showcasing selected stories on our website and social media, we help people who are feeling the pressure of their very personal situations.  We also want to make Pearl a platform that listens to you and responds to your needs.  As much as we study the industry, our work is best improved by every single person that takes time to share with us.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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