Turning Passion into Purpose

Myisha Gatson

Founder & CEO 

Myisha M. Gatson is the Founder and CEO of Pearl Long Term Care Solutions, Inc. Pearl Long Term Care Solutions, Inc. is disrupting the way Americans plan for their future long-term care needs by providing flexible and affordable options that make long term care a part of their over financial strategy and asset portfolios.

After the loss of her grandmother, Pearl Moore, last year, Myisha sought to find a way to honor her legacy and was subsequently catapulted into her calling - to innovate in the long-term care space. For the three years prior to her grandmother’s passing, Myisha’s family, like many others, struggled with the options that were available for long term care for her grandmother and the affordability of said options. The family spent countless hours on family conference calls trying to navigate the VA benefits she was entitled to, make sense of the Medicaid asset regulations, and reconcile the successful management and transfer of her grandmother’s assets. The experience motivated Myisha to try to find a better way and from that Pearl Long Term Care Solutions was born.

Myisha has over 15 years of experience in Health Care Policy, Grass Roots Advocacy, Government Relations, Alliance Development, and Research. Before starting Pearl LTC Solutions, Myisha served as the Senior Director of Advocacy and Strategic Alliances for PhRMA, where she built collaborative partnerships and coordinated outreach to multicultural and LGBT communities. She has dedicated her career to combating health disparities and ensuring that all people have access to quality medicine and care. Myisha delivers with expertise in strategic campaigns at local, state and national levels; community outreach and engagement; public policy and analysis; government relations and training and development.

Before joining PhRMA in 2016, Myisha served as the Director of Provider & Hospital Engagement for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs. She provided strategic guidance to the HHS Secretary and the IEA Director on issues affecting providers, hospitals and health systems nationwide. In a previous role with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, she helped states set up their marketplaces and implement the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Advocacy has been Myisha’s life’s passion. She has worked with many organizations accomplishing good in the world, including working as the Program Officer for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Director of Mobilization for the Black AIDS Institute, and Director of the NAACP’s National Health Department.

As an entrepreneur, Myisha started her own consulting business and secured contracts with the AFSCME; Schott Foundation for Public Education; AmFAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, and Amnesty International. Myisha is also the co-founder of the Black Angel Technology Investment Fund and the Black Angel Technology Innovation Foundation – two organizations that seek to bridge the gap in technology funding by helping Blacks develop and launch entrepreneurial ventures.

Myisha has received numerous awards for her work in health policy and advocacy including the Debra Frazier-Howze Leadership Award from the Balm in Gilead, Inc., the Mobilization, Empowerment and Education Award from the Black AIDS Institute and the Outstanding Achievement Award from the HHS Office of the Secretary for her work organizing over 40 Provider organizations to make commitments to combat the opioid epidemic while working in the Obama administration. Myisha has spoken at countless conferences on a variety of health topics and her work has been spotlighted in a number of documentaries and podcasts.

In 2003, Myisha received her undergraduate degree in human biology with a concentration in medicine, law, and health policy from Stanford University. In May 2009, she received a master’s degree in public administration from New York University with a concentration in health policy and management. Myisha is currently pursuing a joint MBA/MS in Finance from the University of Maryland R.H. Smith School of Business. She currently resides in Loudoun County, Virginia with her husband Zephani Gatson and their two children Zion and Zuri Gatson.

Advisory Team




Emille M. Bryant is the author of Start With A Sparkle and the innovator of Brazen Creativity. As both a creative leader and problem solver, Emille tirelessly seeks ways to get past the most current, obvious obstacle.  He is a passionate advocate of independent thinking and believes business success lies in getting problems solved quickly and making the most of time, money and opportunity. 

Growing up the son of hardworking parents who divorced when he was young, he learned the value of thinking on his feet.  Once he started attending the United States Air Force Academy, he honed that valuable skill.  Today, as an accomplished Air Force veteran, who has commanded units at home, overseas and in deployed locations, he has a core skill set sharpened during his service--active listening, swift and creative problem solving and immediate implementation/execution.  Emille led multiple teams to award-winning success, in and out of the military, leaving a legacy of high morale, high productivity and outright success.  Having turned around several organizations, he knows how to tap into talented people and help them achieve what they set as goals.    

Emille grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now resides in the Washington DC area.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Analysis from the Air Force Academy and a Master of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  He has over 20 years on active duty in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  You will find him reading, biking, running or solving a problem somewhere.   

Rashad Moore

Rashad Moore


Rashad Moore began his career in the defense industry in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., working for Northrop Grumman where he saw an unmet need for software engineers within the defense industry. After learning how to win government contracts while working for Clear Solutions, Rashad quickly realized it didn’t matter what company got the government bid, they would still come to him for software engineering.
His unique skill set, including programmer languages Java, C++ and UML to name a few, was a rare find in the DMV. Armed with a strong understanding of how the defense industry worked and recognizing that his skill set was in high demand, Rashad decided to start his own company, Software Theoretic Corp. The business opened in 2007 with Rashad working on projects for the intelligence industry such as sentiment analysis and war simulations. After years of building the company, he sold it to RGS in 2015.

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